Visa application

Hello, guys!

I'm sorry for uploading this article so late.

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Today's topic is Japan's VISA application .




Having a Visa is necessary  for foreigners to work and live in Japan.


But we have so many types of visa.


The documents required depend on the ocupation.


Depending on the case, either the company is responsible for the VISA application or the immigrant is.



Today, I'd like to write about the later case.

It is possible to apply by yourself  and there are also agencies specialized in VISA applications.


The prices vary greatly between agencies and can be very expensive for foreigners.

It can be more expensive than an apartment's monthly rent.




Documents are submitted to The Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.

A friend of mine applied for the VISA by himself.

He had to prepare various documents, including some from the company.

Small handwriting mistakes lead to a delay of the examination process.

We have to pay close attention to handwriting.

This can be a hard task.



After submitting the documents, he heard nothing from the immigration Bureau.

Even after a month and a half passed.

 I visited the counter and asked about the VISA application status.

They revealed that there was a delay caused by inadequate documents.


 I called my friend and he I'm turn called the company he'll be working for in Japan.

The company handled the problem easily because they received this information before the documents were sent there from the Bureau.




It took 3 months to complete the VISA application.





If you wish to get correct information, It's better for you to visit the Bureau's counter in person.

Patience is key for VISA applications.