Hey guys!

Today's topic is "Residence"

For foreigners, this is really important.

We need place to feel comfortable and relaxed for our daily lives.


Today,I'd like to write about my case in Portugal.

How to find nice accommodation or room in Foreign countries ?




Firstly I lived in dorms .

I heard the facility of dorms was bad.

But for me, It was OK .

A bit old and small.






Because it cost only 150 Euros per month.

Accoeding to today's rate about ¥18,000.

Gas and electricity included.



I lived in this dorms for 6 months.


I loved the international environment in dorms,




After that I moved to share house.

I lived with 3 Portuguese girls.





I paid for this room 160 euros .

This price was so nice.


But ...In winter it was so cold, super cold.

I needed to wear boots even inside of the room.



I found this house by Internet page.

Then called the landlady and made appointment to see the room.


After I decided to live there, all I did was writing down my contact to small paper.

And I paid for two months's rent.

So simple!





In case of Portugal, It was no difficulty for foreigners in finding accommodation.


I'm going to write about Japanese case later.










See you soon!