Japanese apartment rental system

Hey Guys!

Today's topic is Japanese apartment rental system .



For foreigners , understanding this system is so important but complicated as well.



But don't worry!

Even for me it was super difficult.

So let's start!

First of all, living in Japan , especially in TOKYO costs a lot!!
That's true. I was looking for a apartment for my foreign friend .



I have one simple advice, for you.
"If you wish to rent a apartment, you will have to prepare at least 4 or 5 times monthly's rent.

For example, if the monthly rent costs 70.000 yen ,You will have to pay 350.000 yen or more.


Why that happens ?

The expenditure breaks down into these 5 categories.

① Shikikin=deposit
②Reikin =key money
④ Guarantors
⑤ Cleaning cost, insurance etc..



Guarantors system makes this more complicated.
This can be major headache for foreigners .
Guarantors are required to pay the rent if tenants fall behind or for any damage they may cause. Generally, relatives are preferred as guarantors.




But in case of foreigners, how to find them?


In this case there are 3 options.
① To have employees act as guarantors. 

But only for foreigners with jobs lined up and the company is willing to commit. 

②Share house . 

At first I was thinking this would be good option. But the rent is not so cheap like foreign countries. also limited space can be little bit stressful. 

But in short terms, living in share house will be perfect.

Here is the link for Website looking for share house!


③ Apply for companies known as "yachin saimu hosyou gaisha" 

It measns companies taking a role as guarantors. Of course you must pay for those companies.





This is Japan!
That"s why you have to pay 4 times rent at first.

Today I explained the Japanese rental system.

So tomorrow I'm thinking about writing the actual research process for finding nice apartment.



see you soon.