I'm sorry for late for uploading this blog.


 I got an interesting coment on my last post.
It was question related with Japanese "Reikin" system.


Firstly I'd love to answer this question.
Sometimes translation makes me crazy because I can't find adequate words in English or Portuguese. So I translated "Reikin" to Key money. Actually this Japanese word and concept doesn't exist in foreign countries.



Generally speaking, "Reikin" is money for landlords.
It represents gratitude to them. it will never come back.

This "Reikin" system came from the old custom.
After World War II, there were not many places to be rented. In those days, landlords had more power and influence.
According to my research , the act related with obligation of "Reikin"carried out in 1939. But the law was repealed in 1947.



I felt this "Reikin" system is little bit strange and not practical.
My friend felt so bad to this system.


But in Japan, traditional customs have strong influence to Japanese society up until now.

Sometimes we need to adapt and accept those traditions.



If you wold love to live in Japan in the future,  please try to understand Japanese way of thinking.

But I'm not forced to do it.

Just 🎵imagine🎵

Japanese way of thinking.....








Why Japanese people?








See you soon!