Happy Sunday

Hi guys!

Now I'm in Australia!

Today I feel like writing in English.





Home sick....

Any way, 

 How to get over home sick?

there is one way to solve.


talk talk and talk.





I took part in free Brisbane city tour .

it's one of events of YHA at which  I'm staying  now.

And this is also perfect opportunity to do interview!


I'm going to  write about  the details of interview on next post.




Today's result 

Australian 3

Belgian 1


English 2

Chinese 1


This tour has a lot of advantage for me.

I could talk so many things with them.

For example ..

EU Crisis 

Racism in Bergian

Who's next president in U.S?

Eneviromental problem in Australia

and so on!


I'm little bit tired today

so please enjoy fotos!


See you soon.





 System to reuse rainwater



Great Barrier Reef



I was so fascinated by the beauty of the sea.

But this beauty is not permanent.

It's in danger of disappearence.

I'm interested in this theme as well.


The relationship between nature and humanbeings.


why that happens ?

By whom?



See you soon!