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I'm sorry, This article is in Japanese. I couldn't find another version.

This is about the terrorism occurred in Bangladesh and the history of International development assistance of Japan. I was so shocked when I saw this news because 7 Japanese people who devoted to international peace were killed because of nationality.




I've never been to Bangladesh but when I was small, I was wondering why the flag of Bangladesh was so alike to Japanese one.
Finally, I understood the reason.
Japan and Bangladesh has strong historical relationship.
According to this article, Japanese way of development assistance is totally different from other countries.

This is today's theme.

On the field of development assistance, Japanese people try to speak local languages to communicate with local habitants.
Especially pioneers. They tried  to learn local languages as much as possible.

I think using local languages has so many benefits.
Local people will feel safe and familiarity.


On the other hands, in case of western countries they mainly speak in English and they don't change their own ideology. I think this article is little bit too extreme .. 



I 'll never forget 7 brave Japanese people's work in Bangladesh.
I need to consider more about  the risk of international situation.





See you soon.