Defying Gravity


Defying Gravity


Sometimes I feel the gravity upon my shoulders.

It's so heavy.  



But today, I experienced extraordinary moment.

I cold feel that I was totally free from everything around me.

Even gravity. 






Capoeira is traditional martial art originated from African slaves.

So many people believe it's Brasilian one but capoeira has diversity. 

It has strong influence of African Culture as well.

Every movement of Capoeira has meanings.







Now I'm in Brisbane, I don't know why.

I was planning to visit countiries whose official language is Portuguese .

 I've never thought of living in Australia. 




But I'm not planning to go back to Japan.

I found my place to settle in Australia . And my game has just began!







Capoeira is not just marcial art.

It is combination of music, dance, and marcial art.

I felt capoeira is comprehensive art.

I could feel African soul through music.






What is strength ?



But If I stop believing myself, who's gonna finish my journey?





Living in this world is hard but amazingly beautiful as well.






Am I green?








Até já!