Two weeks or more have passed since I arrived Australia .


And now I don't know why but I'm super busy.

Two weeks ago my schedule was totally empty ..but now my life have changed dramatically.





This wold is so unfair.

Racism, Gender, Region ..


Sometimes I feel  theses categories still have strong influence to limit our daily lives.




I believe  knowledge is the only way to change the current situation!





Today I did interview with those members who we're doing action for freedom of West Papua.


I thought the history of West Papua is little bit similar with the one of East-Timor.


There are so many people suffering from severe situation.



But nobody knows..

Me as well. 





After interview , I went to the meeting of local community of Amnesty International.


It was great opportunity to communicate with Amnesty members.

We discussed about the issues related  with etnical community like Indigenous one.

The percentage of indigenous people is not large but the problem is they tend to be isolated from Australia community , economically, socially ..etc.




I'd like to share this article.




I thought Austalia is peaceful country.

But there are so many negative sides as well.



I was so shocked when they taught me the current system of Australia against refugees and asylum seekers. 

This topic is so complicated that I'll need to study more.




I know I'm powerless person.

But now I feel my Gap year should be used for others.





Am I green?




See you!