Hey guys!

Do you know the Pop singer called "SIA"

She is abosolutely genius .

Her songs gave me so much  inspireation.







One of the her song which moves me most is "Alive"





well, well, well 

When  do you guys feel alive ??

It seems tough and vague question though but I feel that "feeling alive"

is important  theme for our lives.





For cooking may be.

because of the influence of current job !









 Now I work 6 days a week from morning until night.

Sometimes I feel exhausted even when I wake up....


 To keep active and energetic my morning routine is the key.

usually I wake up 7:00 and make special breakfast plate!!!







"Bagel with cumin  omelet "






Salada mix

One slice cheese


1 Egg


Cumin Powder


I heard the flavor of cumin is good for declining stress.

This Bagle is super easy to cook but also I can get nice protein and vitamins at the same time.


I've never thought of using cumin powder with eggs.

My Portuguese friends sent me this recipe.






"Portugirlmomo's Avocado Toast"


Avocado is cheap but so rich in vitamin


For making avocado toast 

the key is use nice olive oil and black pepper on top.




After work, my body is also becoming exhausted.


I try to cook dinner as much as possible when I have time.

 I've been waiting for you!!


This beef costs only 6 dollars at Coles today!



So I made  this Salad after work.



Australian beef is really thick so it needs some tips to grill medium and make it beautiful pink.

It took 5 miniutes in total !









What makes you feel alive ??

Dancing, Running, Eating?