letra de mão




 Hey guys!

How are you doing so far??

It's been a while since I uploaded the last post.



well today's topic is "Handriting" 

Now this world is full of technology, but I strongly felt the importance of Handriting.

Of course, I'm core iPad user and I can't spend ever single day without using it.




For me writing is just part  of my daily routine.

These are my writing buddies. Every note book has specific use. The yellow one is used as an idea book. Creating ideas needs a lot of materials . When some  interesting  comes  up to my mind I try to wite down as much as I can wherever and whenever I am.



The simple black one is used for  more logical and organized things like this.

I stared this note book as I stared my adventure. So this note book records every moment of my adventures.  



The last one is my diary!

I've been using this cover for 3 years. Definitely Audrey is my muse and I love this portrait.

For me diary is really essential.

I don't believe Goggle calendar ..so analogue diary is my strong working buddy.



I try to write down every pitty things of daily lives.

For example..money, my emotional aspect, ambition, dream etc...

My diary  is not only for organizing  daily schedule but also making my vision so clear.





Now this world turned into so  techonologized and the worth of handwriting is not regarded predominant.

By the way  , I prefer looking back my past. 

Learning from the past is the most efficient way for solving problems.



Unfortunatelly I haven't encountered specific rival in recent years.

So my rival is ..own past.




GAP YEARは過去と未来の交差点。